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Why Xplanck?

Xplanck is a marketing technology solution for small and medium businesses to target customers across mobile, search and social.
Go to Mobile First

Mobile First

Access to 9 Billion impressions across Mobile web & app.
• 20 mobile exchanges
• >500K apps/websites
• All ad formats – Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rich Media

Go to Cross device retargeting

Cross device retargeting

• Across mobile / Laptop / Tablets
• Fully adaptive & responsive Ad management system
• Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Instagram, Snapchat, Inshorts, Mobile Apps / Websites etc.

Go to Mapped User Journey

Mapped User Journey

Proprietary closed-loop solution to estimate ROI of every $ spent –
• Increased web traffic/conversions
• Increased eyeballs in the least cost

Go to Location Relevance

Location Relevance

Use millions of data points to identify audiences –
• Residence & work location
• Socio economic status
• Places visited


Xplanck is the brainchild of professionals from Ivy League Indian B-Schools with over 35+ years of experience in varied fields, ranging from Consulting & Finance to Strategy & Marketing. Xplanck Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was founded in August 2015 with the sole purpose of simplifying Digital Marketing, Automated Prospecting, Retargeting and Cross-selling. Smaller brands can now access the complex technology with a simple user interface expanding the reach of digital marketing avenues. Xplanck has been in mobile/digital marketing space for past three years for its clients, ranging from top corporates to small medium businesses in sectors such as travel Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-Commerce among others.


Xplanck uses a four-step approach to run a successful Hyperlocal campaign

Go to Real Time Location

Real Time Location

Capture location based on-
• Network Location
• Wi-Fi
• Sensors

Go to Build Audiences & Profiles

Build Audience Profiles

Using proprietary DMP build audience of Historical Frequent Travelers seen at Airports and generate traveler profiles based on interest and behavior patterns.

Go to Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Optimize bids and budgets to target segments with maximum response.

Go to Measurable Returns

Measurable Returns

Analyse campaign results for further optimization


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