Pamphlet is a marketing automation platform for small businesses to help them target local customers on mobile.
Pamphlet is a one stop solution for digital marketing needs of a small business and has a unique value proposition when compared to the managed service alternatives –

  • Easy-to-use: Run campaign in less than 5 minutes. No minimum spend & solution is cost effective compared to traditional media.
  • Location Aware: Capability to run hyper-local ads targeting customers only in the vicinity of their business.
  • Wide Reach: Integrated with Ad-exchanges, Google and Facebook to provide scale across mobile

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Platform Features

Get thousands of views on a daily basis. We have access to some of the world’s most popular mobile apps including inventory from Facebook and Google


Just fix a location, add some text, and give us your coordinates and we will take care of the rest. And what’s more, you can start or stop your promotion, change your messages in real-time


We use multiple variants of landing pages tested to maximize conversions. Our landing pages are mobile responsible to look great across all devices



Run hyperlocal ads targeting customers only in the vicinity of your business


Leverage multiple targeting options available for best performance


Access our publisher network which includes Apps across all major categories


Use pre-existing audience profiles created based on location footprints to increase relevance


Send personalized messages to potential customers based on their activity and behavior, Trigger specific marketing activities over time to increase chance of conversion


Start a promotion in less than 5 minutes with the ease and convenience of your smartphone. Pamphlet is now available on Playstore for Android platform. iOS to be launched soon